When does 2+2=5?

When does adding two things together equal more than the sum of their parts? When you can take a few pieces of information, put it together, and come to a conclusion that saves you tons of time or resources! This is one of our very favorite things to do for our clients!

How do we do it?
Sometimes multiple helpdesk calls come in and they seem unrelated and may even be assigned to different techs to solve. They may even be quick issues, like difficulty updating a password, or a pop-up that keeps occurring from time to time for low disk space on a user’s computer. To an outside eye, these issues may seem coincidental or completely unrelated. But, our POD teams get to know our clients so well that they pick up on these seemingly unrelated events and can make changes that save everyone time and energy.

Putting it together

One client’s difficulty resetting passwords had to do with a password policy that was more controlled than needed. The policy was updated, the change was made, and now everyone is able to change their password at a time that suits their needs.
The low disk space issue was from a user that periodically stored large media files on her laptop instead of on a server. A place was set up on their server for her to store and easily access these files, freeing up space on her laptop and making it run much more smoothly.

The bigger picture

These were both easy fixes to make…as long as someone is paying attention to the bigger picture. We make sure we pay attention to the bigger picture so that 2+2 always equals a bit more than 4.

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