What’s the story? How our manufacturing clients use technology – Part 2

Last month, I got to tour another one of our manufacturing client’s facilities, Jaypro Sports, in Waterford, CT. They are a leading authority for institutional sport equipment and athletic field/facility solutions. This was a great opportunity to see what they do and how they do it!

At IT Direct, we believe that the overarching purpose of using technology is to solve a business problem or to improve efficiency or productivity. In this way, technology can help the business achieve their goals. During my tour, I got to see several areas where technology had really come together to help Jaypro Sports achieve those goals!

Here are just two of the problems Jaypro has solved successfully using technology:

Problem #1:

One of their largest and most frequently used Plasma machines had to be programed at the machine terminal in an old programming language (G-code) which was time consuming, limited which employees could program the machine, and wasn’t easily optimizable.

The solution: The machine was networked so that it could be programmed from a computer in an office, using much more efficient and effective software.

Why it’s a great solution: Not only can the programmer work in a quieter office space, rather than standing at the screen on the manufacturing floor, but (s)he has full access to all specs and drawings while designing the plan. Thanks to this change, the team was also able to use a new CNC design software that imports the engineering specs and drawings to improve machine usage and efficiency. Overall, this technology solution enabled easier training, quicker programming, and much more efficient use of their machine. This one change was a huge win for Jaypro Sports!

Problem #2:

Leaders at Jaypro Sports wanted to improve and increase the use of their ERP system to better track their jobs for time usage, efficiency, completion rate and ultimately job costing. Unfortunately, the ERP system was a bit challenging to use on the job floor – it required a certain level of computer skill and many steps. Additionally, workstations on the job floor tended to have a shorter life expectancy than computers in an office space, which can be costly.

The solution: Jaypro implemented the use of barcode readers along with a simplified interface to their ERP system on thin clients (a basic computer that runs from resources on a server, rather than on its own).

Why it’s a great solution: Two big reasons!

  1. It simplifies the tasks for the workers. Instead of a multistep process using several different screens on the ERP, the workers only need to use the barcode reader to scan the job and operation they’re doing, and enter a few details on just one screen (like ID number, parts completed, start and stop time, etc.)
  2. Thin clients don’t have moving parts, so they are able to withstand harsher conditions than a traditional PC. This means that they can be placed in locations on the floor that allow for greater visibility into the manufacturing process. They are also comparatively inexpensive and easy to replace, a big savings over traditional PCs.

Jaypro is truly using technology to their advantage and solving problems both big and small in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible!

How does IT Direct help?

Our vCIOs keep in close contact with our clients to understand their needs and pain points. The vCIO’s knowledge of technology and their understanding of an organization’s needs come together to help them recommend the best solutions to each client.

From defining the functional requirements, to finding the right software or hardware, to managing the implementing of that solution – the vCIO guides each client through the steps that help them achieve their goals.

Are you interested in more information about how technology can help your business? Reach out today.

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