Using Artificial Intelligence to Keep You Safer

We all know that cybersecurity is vital! Learn how our cutting-edge cybersecurity software is keeping you, your business and your intellectual property safer from hackers….let’s go! (No technical jargon, I promise!)

Traditional anti-virus software updates itself every day or every few hours with information on new viruses and malware. But what happens when you get hit by something that hasn’t been seen before? It happens…a lot!

Our next generation of anti-virus/anti-malware software has traditional (or ‘definition-based’) methodology as well as a secret Artificial Intelligence weapon! The Artificial Intelligence component creates a baseline of your computer – it discovers which applications and scripts you usually open, close, and use, whether they are opened by you directly, or run in the background.

When this cutting-edge software observes anything out of the ordinary from what you, the user, normally use, it detects the anomaly in milliseconds, before it can even execute, and shuts it down! Now that’s some smart protection!

We are proud to support our clients with this increased level of protection. If you’d like to understand more about how it can protect you, please reach out to get more info about this next-level cybersecurity platform!