How to use Teams to collaborate on documents


Like many organizations today, we utilize Teams as an all-in-one platform for collaboration and communication. It enables us to communicate easily with videoconferencing, chat with individuals and teams, and collaborate on files and documents in ways that boost efficiency. With COVID-19 changing the way we connect with others; it has become even more crucial for employees to work on files or documents together online.

Are you looking to work collaboratively on a file with a team of people using Microsoft Teams? Do you want to be able to communicate with other collaborators while doing so? If so, we have the right steps for you. You should already have your Teams channel set up, then:

 Choose a file:

  1. Select the Teams channel you want to upload or create a file in.
  2. At the top of the Teams channel, conversation window, select the Files tab:

  1. Click ‘New’ if you are looking to start from scratch and click ‘Upload’ if you want to attach a file that is saved on your computer. (If you upload a file into a Team conversation, it will also be saved in the Files tab).

Collaborate on a file:

  1. In the Files tab, click the filename to open the file inside the Teams window.
  2. Edit the file. Colored flags show who else is working on it with you (and a circle with their initials appears at the top).

Communicate while collaborating:

  1. To start a chat conversation about the document, select Conversation in the top right corner.
  2. Type your message or @mention someone and select Send. Messages about the file stay with the file in your Teams conversations.
  3. To leave a comment at a particular location in a file, place your cursor in that location, right-click and choose New Comment.

Stay tuned for more Teams tips and tricks coming your way!