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Top 5 Features of the Best Cloud Service

The best cloud service is one that works perfectly for your company’s needs, ensuring you have your data backed up and available to you. It will do so in a way that fits your budget and any other constraints you may have. It should be easy for you to use, secure, and scalable if your business grows and needs more space.

When you are choosing the best cloud service for your company, there are five features that you should look for in the provider’s offerings. They are a good benchmark for making sure you’ll get the service you need.

Ability to Self-Serve

The best cloud service is one that works for you when you want it! You should be able to access the cloud easily and operate it to perform actions like deploying apps, sharing information, and downloading data. It’s best if you can do so with minimal or no assistance required from the service provider. The cloud service should be intuitive for users, particularly for your IT department, and should work seamlessly with existing goals and programs your IT department uses.


Whether your company is growing, scaling back, or experiencing occasional spikes in demand, scalability is important when seeking the best cloud service for your needs. You should be able to use the data you require, without overpaying for space you do not need at all times, or under powering your company when you could use extra capacity.

Flexible storage is ideal. Consider unlimited data storage or something that allows you to pay more as you use additional space while keeping a lower baseline cost. Make sure you explore the scalability of any cloud service before you sign on.

Automatic Syncing

Automatic syncing takes a lot of worry out of using the cloud. Any time you edit or change a file, it will update in real time on the cloud. This will keep all of your data consistent without you or your users having to remember to save changes. If a system goes down, or you forget to hit save, it won’t be a problem when you have automatic syncing in place.

Strong Security

This is one of the most important features of any cloud service! You need to know that your important data is safe and protected, through high security and encryption practices. Features like password protection, individualized access settings, and top notch encryption ensure that all data is safe, both on the cloud and when it is being moved in or out of the cloud system.

Great Customer Service and Support

Even the most robust IT department might need help sometimes. A cloud service with exceptional customer service and technical support is important. This could keep your business running smoothly for all users. It can also take some of the burden from your IT department because the questions of regular users can be addressed by the cloud service help desk.

Your provider should be available 24/7 and they should respond to issues quickly.

Using a cloud service that can say yes to these five factors will make your business life significantly easier and that much safer too. At IT Direct, we understand what it means to deliver a truly effective cloud service. Give us a call, and we’ll determine together if you’re ready for the cloud.