Working Remotely in the Cloud

Working Remotely: Even You Can Do It

Working remotely using cloud-based technology is the perfect way to cut back on costs and save time.

If you think about how much overhead costs you pay to keep your employees physically present, you may quickly see the benefits of reducing your workplace footprint and enabling working remotely for more of your staff.

Between rent or mortgage payments for your offices, the costs of heating and electricity, and equipment costs, it all adds up. Keeping your employees working remotely from home or another location of their choice cuts down on costs in a big way. This could free up money for things that will help your business grow.

In this technological era, many of your employees have their own devices and would happily use them to access their work. They would also benefit from the freedom and cost savings of working remotely.

Cloud services allow for working remotely via bring your own device (BYOD). Your staff can jump into work using their smartphones and other devices without posing any kind of security or data risk.

Even if you are supplying the hardware, working remotely on the cloud still saves money for everyone involved. There are many ways to implement cloud based technology to reduce your physical footprint, whether it’s BYOD or another arrangement. With the right cloud provider, you’ll have your office running remotely in no time.

How Working Remotely on the Cloud Benefits Businesses

Working remotely often leads to happier employees and improved morale overall. People like the freedom of working from home. That in itself can inspire people to work harder while they’re on the job.

You will save your staff transportation costs, and reduce or remove any commute time. This is sure to encourage loyalty and satisfaction.

Working remotely lets you expand your workforce across geographic boundaries without worry. If the right person for a position happens to live far from your business, that is no longer a problem. Instead of trying to persuade them to move, paying relocation costs, or reluctantly letting go of a great match, you can have them work remotely using cloud technology. Wherever your employees may be, whether they are travelling the world or living in a distant location, they’ll all be connected on the cloud.

Cloud based technology is great for encouraging collaboration in real time. This means that people working remotely still have the feeling of connectivity with their colleagues. You might discover that some people may be more motivated to share their ideas from the comfort of their home!

On the technical side of things, keeping your company on the cloud may be a better choice than any kind of traditional backup arrangement. By using cloud based technology, you’re ensuring that your vital business data lives off-site, is regularly synced and backed up, and is available in the event that someone needs to restore information to a device or system following a failure.

At IT DIrect, we deliver cloud services to help businesses reduce costs, improve performance and, with the right security measures, keep your business data safe and accessible, no matter where you or your employees are. Give us a call to learn if you’re ready to move to the cloud.