Efficacy of technology – can technology meet everyone’s needs?

Efficacy of technology – can technology meet everyone’s needs?

During a recent meeting with a prospective client, a CEO of a growing manufacturer in Connecticut, he described what he was looking for in technology in terms of efficacy.

Efficacy – the ability to produce a desired or intended result

I thought this was an interesting way to describe what he was looking for – efficacious technology. It leads to the question…what is your desired result? I think he chose this word, because this answer will be different for every single individual in an organization and is entirely dependent on their role. Yet, the request remains that technology be efficacious, or leading to results, for everyone.  Read more

How to make IT strategy a key component of your business strategy

How to make IT strategy a key component of your business strategy

Technology is a key component of your business. Are you doing enough to make sure that this key component is helping your company be more productive and efficient and prepare for the future? Chances are, if you don’t have someone dedicated to regularly looking at your technology with one eye on business strategy and the other on the future, the answer is probably no. Below we outline what this role can look like and then we use two recent examples from our clients to show how this role works in action. Read more

IT Direct Superheroes

A standalone IT person can only do so much. While they are keeping you up and running, who is ensuring that IT is giving you a competitive advantage?

Your IT needs to not only work, it needs to keep you efficient and productive, safe and secure, and ready for the future of your business.

Our IT Superheroes make sure your technology leads you into the future!

Please contact us or give us a call at 860-249-1200 to learn what our superheroes can do for you.

co-location IT solutions

Can Your Facility Host a Variety of Critical and Complex IT Solutions?

To successfully handle the critical and complex IT solutions that keep your company running smoothly, you need to have the right people, the right technology, and the right space. The odds are that your facility is not ideally suited for these solutions. Even if it is, you may still be better off outsourcing to experts who focus solely on keeping your IT solutions working well.

Considering if Your Facility Meets Your Needs

Managed co-location services handle all of your IT solutions and IT support needs, keeping all of your critical data secure.

When considering if your facility can host your critical and complex IT solutions, you need to factor in several aspects.

Do your staff have the expertise and the time to handle all of your IT solutions?

With co-location, trained professionals will dedicate the entirety of their working hours to handling client data, including yours. Your provider will handle all aspects of data storage, backup, and recovery, including crisis management as soon as it is needed.

Can Your Facility Meet Your Technical Needs?

Co-location provides for improved technology, higher security standards, and a high level of connectivity. Your servers are kept in a private, secure location with high bandwidth speeds, numerous redundancy measures, and engineers at the ready to solve any problems that could occur.

Does Your Facility Offer Stability?

In the event of a crisis or disaster, it often makes more sense to have your data stored off-site so that something that threatens your business doesn’t take out your data, too. With co-location IT solutions you can access your data and keep business continuity no matter where you are or what you are facing.

The Cost Benefits of Co-Location IT Solutions

Even if you have identified the benefits to moving data out of your own facility, you may think that buying into co-location IT services is too costly. In fact, it offers many benefits to your budget.

Co-location IT solutions regulate your IT costs, ensuring that you are not having to replace aging infrastructure at your own facility, or upgrade your infrastructure as your company grows. You will save time and money by having expert engineers handle your data and infrastructure off-site, making this IT solution lucrative for your company.

Many companies are moving to the model of co-location IT solutions, for good reason. It makes sense to keep data located in the most secure, controlled environment possible, with qualified people ready to protect and optimize your infrastructure.

Instead of handling these critical and complex systems on your own, opening your company up to breaches, disasters, and other threats, you can make the most of your budget and your time by outsourcing to the providers who focus on this kind of IT solution, day in and day out.

Make the move to co-location IT solutions and realize the advantages of moving data out of your own facility.