How one Company Saved Money while Getting Better Wireless Too, A Long-Term Care Case Study

We all know that using the right technology can improve your productivity and efficiency, but did you know that it could also save you money and provide your clients with a better service? That’s exactly what happened thanks to a recent technology upgrade put in place by one of our clients, a Long-Term Care facility!

This long-term care facility, like most businesses these days, is dependent on strong Wi-Fi infrastructure. However, care facilities have the additional requirement of providing Wi-Fi for their residents and their visitors as well, not just for their own business needs!


The technology issue: They were spending a lot of money on their wireless system and weren’t receiving the level of Wi-Fi service they would have expected for that kind of investment. Their residents and employees were frustrated with the wireless too!

The discovery: During a regular monthly meeting, the facility leaders spoke to their virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) at IT Direct, Tom, about their wireless challenges and the upcoming wireless contract renewal. Thanks to the relationship they had developed over the past 2 years, Tom knew a lot about their systems as well as their business needs. With just a quick conversation, it became obvious to Tom that their wireless service was outdated and did not meet their current needs.

The solution: After Tom and the leaders at the facility spoke more in-depth about the organization’s needs, they were all able to determine exactly which equipment and wireless service would suit them the best. Tom helped the leaders understand what technology would work for them and planned a project to install the right equipment to meet their needs. He also made sure that the organization maintained their HIPAA compliance during the whole process.

The results: The facility not only saved 💰 tens of thousands of dollars a year 💰, but ended up with faster Wi-Fi, which led to happier employees and residents! A win-win-win!


Technology can help our clients be the heroes of their own story! Our vCIOs help our clients find the right technology to make their businesses run more smoothly, keep their employees productive and happy, and keep their organization safe at the same time. There’s nothing we like to do more than find the right solution for our clients.