Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT is Like Importing the Finest Beer

If you’re sitting down to watch a game, catch up with friends, or enjoy a meal, chances are your beer of choice will be a lager. The most popular beers in America in nearly every market fall into this category. If it’s got “light” or “bock” attached to its name, it’s probably a lager. Despite all the advertising that would lead you to believe that these beers are an American trademark, however, lagers (and most other beers for that matter) have a storied history across the sea and a mystique that eludes most American brewers. Lagers originated not in the mountains of Colorado, but in the rolling hills of Bavaria and Bohemia, deep in the heart of Europe. As anyone who has made a trip to Germany can tell you, nothing in the States compares to the experience of a crisp, cool brew in the shade of a Munich beer garden.

In a similar but less delicious fashion, the same can be said of IT services. An in-house IT professional is fine on the surface, but when business owners really dive into the issues, it becomes apparent that third-party IT service providers are often beyond compare when it comes to addressing a business’s needs. Outsourcing IT to a provider like IT Direct is akin to sipping on a rare Belgian wheat beer without having to leave your yard.

Outsourcing IT: Your Recipe for Success

Outsourcing IT pays off when your business is confronted by a problem that would foil most in-house IT services. IT service providers will always have the right tools on hand to address whatever crisis may arise. When confronted with the same problem, in-house staff may even recognize the proper course of action but simply lack the means to make problems go away. The same can be said of brewers; a domestic brewer may have the recipe for a refreshing Kölsch, but without the unique yeasts and hops that have grown for centuries on the banks of the Rhine, the end product will always taste like a hollow copycat.

Quality Support by Outsourcing IT

Understandably, outsourcing IT can be an intimidating decision for business owners. Many businesses sink time and resources into developing in-house IT resources without realizing that outsourcing can save both money and time when implemented properly. Like a cheap domestic beer, in-house IT is comfortable and appropriate for most situations, but you wouldn’t necessarily trust it in a more delicate situation. You wouldn’t bring Bud Light to a fancy party, so why would you put your digital security in the hands of an underprepared staff in the face of a major security threat?

If you’re ready to crack open a bottle of real professional IT services, give IT Direct a call today. Have no fear; we’re on the far side of town, not the far side of the Atlantic.