October 2014 Tech Tips – Email Filtering Service

For the month of October Tech Tips we thought we would tell you a little bit about the email filtering service, SaneBox. Many people throughout our office have begun using this service including our President, Ari. As always, reach out anytime! We are here to help.

SaneBox is an email filtering service that can help making navigating through that pile of emails in your inbox slightly easier and less stressful. For only $5 a month this service provides you with multiple ways to “make email work for you”.

The way that SaneBox works is that it determines the importance level of each email based on your previous Inbox activity. From there it moves emails which are unimportant to you to another folder thus clearing up your inbox so you can see what is actually important to you.

It also has many other useful feature:

  1. Notifying you when your email is being ignored.
  2. Allows you to unsubscribe to mailing lists easily.
  3. Moves attachments seamlessly to the cloud for you.

These are just a few of the features that SaneBox has to offer. You can learn more about it here.

We hope these will be a time saving and productivity boosting tips for you!