November 2014 Tech Tips – Google Search Tips

Here’s your quick Tech Tips for the month of November to help you be more productive and save you some time. As always, reach out anytime! We are here to help.

When using Google Search here are a few tips to help make it easier!

  1. If you want search results only from a specific site simply use site:followed by the site URL you wish to use. For example Computers site:dell.comRemember though that the site you are searching for must follow directly after the colon with no spaces between them.
  2. Similarly if you want to search only the titles of webpages use the search intitle:to look for words in the webpage title. For example Computers intitle:Dell would give you results about Computers that have the word Dell in the title. If you want results with multiple words in the title simply use allintitle: instead
  3. When searching for a specific set of words in an exact order all you need to do is place quotations around the text and google will only provide you with results that include those words in that specific order.

We hope these will be a time saving and productivity boosting tips for you!