March 2015 Tech Tips – Adobe, Acrobat, & PDF

Here’s your quick Tech Tip for the month of March to help you be more productive. As always, reach out anytime! We are here to help.

Adobe, Acrobat, & PDF; can you distinguish the difference? Anyone who owns a computer, owns Adobe software. Anyone who has downloaded an e-bill, has viewed a PDF. All of these terms coincide with each other, but knowing the actual difference can come in handy and save you worlds of time in the future.

Adobe: Adobe is the company name, and is the creator of Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, and PDF formatting.

Adobe Reader: Adobe software that is complimentary with almost every new computer and is free to download, which is used to view, print, or sort through PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat: Adobe software that possesses all of the features of Adobe Reader, but can also be used to create, edit, convert, encrypt, digitally sign, export, and publish PDF files.

PDF: A type of document/format created by Adobe, which stands for Portable Document Format. PDF formatting captures information from the current program, saves and publishes it into a PDF file, and provides a clean, finalized way for recipients to digitally view files as they were intended to be.

Before you waste any precious work time fiddling with PDF’s, wondering why there is no option to rotate the pages or draw in your own notes, be aware of what needs to be done and which Adobe program will allow you to do so.

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