March 2014 Tech Tips – Google as a Calculator and Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Hidden Symbols

Here are your quick Tech Tips for the month of March to help you be more productive. As always, reach out anytime! We are here to help.

Can’t find your calculator? Use Google!

You can use Google to do math for you. Type the equation into the search bar, like 23*7+15/3=, and hit Enter OR you can just type “calculator” into the search bar and it will pull one up for you.

*Oh, yeah: on the keyboard, * means “times” and / means “divided by.”

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Hidden Symbols:

Alt + 0153: ™ (trademark symbol)
Alt + 0169: © (copyright symbol)
Alt + 0174.: ® (registered trademark symbol)
Alt + 24: ↑ (up arrow)
Alt + 25: ↓ (down arrow)
Alt + 26:. → (right arrow)
Alt + 27: ← (left arrow)
Alt + 18: ↕ (up/down arrow)
Alt + 29: ↔ (left right arrow)