Whiskey splash like the splash your IT support will make on your business.

Know Your IT Support like You Know Your Whiskey

The beautiful thing about whiskey is that when you handle it responsibly, you will be able to experience incredible benefits. Whiskey has a unique backstory and enough facts to make your head whiz. Good thing for you, we are going to help you prepare for your next encounter. Whiskey has a rich history, and you should know how your IT support has unifying characteristics to this distilled alcoholic beverage. Whether or not you know it, your IT support is like your favorite glass of whiskey – built up from experiences and the life of your business.

Whiskey vs IT Support

The Origin

IT support refers to the technical support services that address specific problems with a product or service within a company’s IT infrastructure. Rather than a business taking the provision of training, customization, or other support services, they have the option to outsource their IT department. Most companies offer technical support for the products they sell, either freely available or for a fee. Whiskey is a distilled alcohol known in Latin as “the water of life” and, much like IT support, gives you the courage to solve any problem.

The Perfect Blend

Blended whiskey came about at a time when single malt whiskey was considerably younger and more harsh than it is today. Blends consist of anywhere from 15 to 50 individual whiskeys, testament to the blender’s art. Blended whiskeys take whiskeys from multiple distilleries and combine them. Like the perfect glass of whiskey, the right IT support offers the perfect blend of managed services – a well-defined category of technical support that gives companies a plethora of services and unlimited IT support on an ongoing basis.

IT Responsibly with IT Direct

The production of whiskey starts with distillation, and ours starts with getting to know you. If you’re ready to start feeling the effects of our IT support – Contact us today!

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