C-3PO IT consultant

An IT Consultant is Like Your Very Own C-3PO

It may seem a strange correlation at first, but we actually have drawn several similarities between a great IT consultant and everyone’s favorite protocol droid. We had fun with this one. Let’s take a look at a few of the connections we’ve made.

Your IT Consultant is Highly Familiar with Protocols.

C-3PO’s main function is to be familiar with procedures, rules, and systems. His job is to serve, and – while he may do it with some apprehension at times – he always gets his job done and stays loyal to his master. When you find a great IT consultant, they are there to know the protocols and inner workings of your network, and they get the job done, regardless of duress.

Your IT Consultant Can Translate Data into Words You Can Understand.

One of C-3PO’s most valuable functions throughout the entire Star Wars saga has been his ability to serve as a communication device when all parties don’t speak the same language. Can you imagine how boring the films would have been if Threepio couldn’t understand R2-D2’s beeps and blips? Now imagine how ineffective an IT consultant would be if he couldn’t explain exactly what was going on in your network in terms you can understand. 

Your IT Consultant is Here for the Long Haul.

Of all the characters in the Star Wars saga, only two have appeared in every episode: Artoo and Threepio. Why, you may ask? We think it’s loyalty. C-3PO and R2-D2 enjoy a great symbiosis, but they cannot exist alone. When they find people with whom they can work with to mutual benefit, they stay for good. In fact, each time R2-D2 goes off on an “adventure” by himself, it’s C-3PO who chastises him and insists he return to where he’s needed. A fantastic IT consultant doesn’t just want to work with you for a month or even a year, they want to be with you for the long haul – advising you and helping you out of tight situations all the way. That’s the way it should be.