IoT Smart City

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world in some pretty cool ways

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a general term covering a vast number and scope of devices, machines, and objects that collect and send data over a network. The number of these devices and sensors has not only grown exponentially in recent years but has increased in capability while decreasing in size. This means that sensors and devices can be placed nearly anywhere – in soil, machinery, building systems, even in and around live animals.

The results of this technology growth can be seen and felt in every industry and sector from manufacturing to farming to public safety.

Check out a few of these case studies that show the beginning of what IoT is capable of. If you think just a little outside the box, this piece of the technology revolution could add tremendous value to your business. 

  1. IoT in cows! – In addition to robotic, on-demand milking, dairy cows at the University of Connecticut wear smart devices that collect data on movement, milking frequency, production amount, and more. Researchers hope to use this data to boost milk production and reduce water usage. Read more here.
  2. IoT in vineyards – Sensors are being placed in the soil to collect data on moisture, a “weather station” to measure air temperature and other conditions, and a water meter at the water pump. The data will be used to make real-time corrections to watering and spraying, in order to improve the plants’ health and yield. Read more here.
  3. IoT to protect from flooding – In Buenos Aires, Argentina, sensors have been deployed to measure the height of the water and transmit that data across a network (since telecoms in that area are not stable). They also collect data on temperature, humidity, air pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction. All this data will help improve real-time risk alerts as well as assist with water flow and understanding of usage. Read more here.
  4. IoT in construction – while construction has been fairly slow to adopt new technology, IoT is starting to be used to improve efficiency (sensors in concrete trucks can tell workers when to be ready for the next load). One construction company has also started to use Artificial Intelligence along with IoT to improve workplace safety and save lives. Read more here.

This is just a small taste of what’s available and what’s to come in the use of IoT. To make sure your infrastructure is ready for these new technologies and more, reach out for a consultation today: 

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