How we do it

I’ve spent some time lately looking at our company with an objective eye. That’s not always easy to do. Most of the time, you’re just busy getting through your task list, brainstorming new ideas, or putting out fires. But, after I spent some time recently getting out to our clients to see how they do things, it has forced me to come back an observe how we do things. You know what. We do things pretty darn well!

Are we perfect? Heck no, we’re human, our company is growing (quickly!) – our processes continue to evolve and improve as we grow. That said, there are a few things we do incredibly well:

  • Culture: since the day our Founder and CEO, Ari Santiago, started the company, he wanted to build a company that he would love to work for – that has been the driving force behind the culture of the company and the fact that the culture has remained such an important piece of our puzzle. It’s a culture built on teamwork, respect for each other, striving for excellence (with understanding that we make mistakes that we can learn from), and lots and lots of FUN. Take a look at this video: How does having “Great People” drive your business forward.
  • Planning: This is something we are getting better and better at every. single. day. As a company that is growing rapidly and always busy, this is a step that could easily be lost, but we know that it is vital. If we don’t slow down, take a breath and plan for the future (both short and long term), we will not continue to succeed.
  • Leadership training: This is a new initiative for us but has proven to be extremely successful! Our Director of Operations has been guiding a whole new set of IT Direct leaders to become better at supporting their teams. As we continue to grow, this leadership training will pay of in leaps and bounds, with outstanding support for our whole team! Take a look at this video on the 3 C’s of IT Direct Leadership.

Going into detail about all the things we do would take a whole bunch of blog posts (which may be coming down the line). But, for now, if you want to learn more about how we continue to be an Inc 5000 fastest growing private company as well as a Hartford Business Journal’s ‘Best Place to Work in CT’, follow our posts on LinkedIn where we talk more about our processes and #HowWeDoIT.