How a Network Security Consulting Company Can Help Your Business

How a Network Security Consulting Company Can Help Your Business

Any small business that uses a computer connected to the internet or uses several computers connected to each other should realize that now it has an elevated security risk and should consider the services of a network security consulting provider.

Network security has become such a vast and complicated area of data and hardware management that it is now a dedicated discipline where professionals need to keep their skills right up to date to ward off the constant stream of new dangers. Most small to medium businesses do not have the resources to provide the necessary skills in-house and opt for third-party network security consulting.

A network security consulting partner will be able to undertake an accurate risk assessment for a business and prepare an action plan that will address vulnerabilities. The areas covered in risk assessment will be wide-ranging and will address the most prominent network security issues. Some of the potential issues to be addressed follow.

1) How access to the network is controlled

Granting anybody access to the network, from senior executives to remote customers, is plainly an issue. Careful attention must be paid to how and when access rights are added/amended and removed (a surprising number of businesses neglect to remove access rights for employees who no longer work for them).

Users should be restricted to only those data they need to access (a typist will not normally need access to company accounts, for example).

Policies on password and login management must be in place and physical access to premises and assets must be controlled. There is not much point in having sophisticated password control if, once logged in, a user remains logged in forever and their machine is accessible to members of the public e.g. a terminal in a store.

If access to the network is allowed from remote locations then the security measures need to be even more stringent.

2) How physical data backup and assets are managed

Removable storage devices and remote storage via internet are very cheap and easy to use nowadays, so there is no excuse for companies to lose data in the event of a fire, for example. Backup policies must exist and must be implemented. Network security must take into account how data are protected when they are sent to a remote location.

3) Staff awareness of network security risks

All staff must be made aware of the dangers of downloading infected files, having weak passwords and leaving written passwords on or in their desk, failing to change password regularly and revealing security policy to outsiders. Companies must also gave a policy on dealing with staff who breach procedures.

4) Good security housekeeping

Every computer on a network should be up-to-date with the latest versions and security patches of the operating system, antivirus and firewall software, protection against malware and spyware. Ideally, updating should be managed centrally with users given a limited time to implement updates on their machine.

We have touched on just some of the vital issues here. There are many more risk areas to be considered, but we hope that it is clear how beneficial a network security consulting company could be for any business.

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