Getting Connected during Cinco De Mayo

Despite our comprehensive approach to delivering managed services, we value the real connections built through relationships. Developing meaningful connections with both our clients and our internal team improves our collective moral and productivity. IT Direct, enjoys celebrating holidays, our community and participate in team building activities to build a stronger foundation – especially Cinco De Mayo. Social connections give us an opportunity to check in with each other, collaborate in a different setting, exchange ideas, and relieve stress. When we take the time to deliver personalized attention to our team, we are able to perform at the highest level of support for our clients.

IT Direct Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

The IT Direct team is known for our direct business-minded approach to service. Even though we are a Connecticut-based company we know when it’s time to celebrate National holidays. Throughout the United States, Cinco de Mayo has spread like wildfire. The Mexican celebration has become integrated into American culture and is celebrated every year on May fifth. The holiday commemorates the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French forces during Napoleon’s conquest of the region and is remembered each year in celebration. Just like general Ignacio Zaragoza we have our strategic planning process to tackle your technology needs.

IT Direct Approach

We are extremely well-versed in our industry and strive to make those life-long connections with you and your business. As we begin to build a strong partnership we are constantly working on ways to improve your technology. We take the time to get to know you while designing and managing your network specific to your business needs. Find out how we can help you build a stronger connection to your network today!