IT Direct Named TINYpulse’s “Happiest Company in CT”

7-20-2016 2-39-38 PM

We are proud to announce that we have been ranked as TINYpulse’s Happiest Company in Connecticut! (as tiny as it is on the map)

Part of our mission is ensuring that we provide the best environment for our team, and truly make this one of the greatest places to work.

One of the best ways we invest in our employees is simply by asking for their feedback! By utilizing weekly anonymous surveys through TINYpulse, we give our team members the chance to fully voice their concerns, suggestions, ideas, success stories, and general feedback.

We treat all of the information we receive with equal importance, and use it to implement positive change! We are thrilled to be the happiest company in Connecticut, and will strive to keep it that way!

For more information or to view the whole listing, click here!