December 2014 Tech Tips – Password Tips

A good password, it’s your first and most important line of defense to protect your computer, your data, your online accounts, and your personal information. Without a strong password, nothing on your computer is safe. With the holiday season upon us keeping your personal information(i.e. credit cards, bank accounts, corporate data) safe is crucial and even a little more important with all online shopping we are doing.

What you may have  considered a strong password in the past, could now be an open window to your computer. To create a strong password follow these guidelines:

  1. Is at least eight characters long
  2. Contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and a symbol
  3. Does not contain your user name, real name, or company name
  4. Does not contain a complete word (in any language)

One way, IT Direct makes sure that there passwords are secure and stored for easy access is by using a password manager software called, RoboForm.

RoboForm remembers your passwords so that you don’t have to! Whether it’s on your PC, MAC, phone, or tablet, RoboForm gives you your secure passwords anywhere at any time.

The benefits of using a password manager, is that you don’t have to remember your password, you can create strong and unique passwords that the password manager will remember, and the password manager automatically fills in your username and password when you go to your websites, saving you time and frustration. Follow the link now to start storing your passwords,

We hope these will be a time saving and productivity boosting tips for you!