Data Security Issues on Computer Networks

Data Security Issues on Computer Networks

What is the importance of data security on computer networks? Here’s a hint: if you enjoy remaining in business, it’s perhaps one of the most important issues in IT.

Your customers rely on you to keep their information private, just as you rely on your computer networks to keep your proprietary information safe from the prying eyes of competitors. A poorly set up computer network is like an unfortified empire; there are plenty of points of entry, and none of them are particularly beneficial to your business strategy.

Luckily, IT Direct has years of experience dealing with data security on computer networks. As a well-known IT Consulting firm based in Connecticut, IT Direct has handled data security for a wide array of businesses and organizations. We understand not only how to secure a network, but how to arrange its architecture to provide the fastest and most reliable response times on the market. We work with companies not only on a technical level, but on a strategic level. By forming a working relationship with each of our clients, we are able to anticipate what kind of security issues they may face in the future.

Different industries face different potential IT threats. An aerospace firm will be exposed to a slightly different breed of data exposure than an architectural firm. We pride ourselves on not only understanding the specifics of each industry in terms of its data usage, but also how to create a network that can relay that information without dragging down response times or making it unnecessarily difficult for authorized personnel to access information.

IT Direct specializes in creating networks that are air-tight without being overly restrictive. Many security experts design systems that may be technically safe, but are often difficult to use. The best design is simple without being simplistic. We apply that standard to each of our installations.

We are also fluent in the challenges posed by remote networking. To effectively compete in the 21st century, many companies have hub offices located in different cities spread across the globe. Sharing information over such geographically vast distances doesn’t have to result in a compromise of data security. IT Direct emphasizes an approach whereby data sharing is organized and efficient, without cutting off innovation. Every network needs room to grow, but it requires careful planning in order to maintain high security standards. Remote networks whereby individuals travel and upload information or work off-site on a regular basis require speed, flexibility, and an exceptional ease with data transfer. Many companies work in real-time when they are thousands of miles apart. Without instantaneous data transfer and display, these situations become unworkable and lead to losses in productivity, not to mention profit.

The bottom line is that each company’s needs are different. By calling or emailing us, we can provide you with a customized quote based on your industry, your current network status, and where you’d like to go in the future.

Data security for computer networks isn’t an option; it’s a necessary component for any company that wants to maintain a competitive edge and a sterling reputation. Don’t wait until you suffer a breach of information and an embarrassing public scandal; contact us today to find out how we can provide you with our unbeatable professional data security.