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When Cybersecurity Demands Increase, We Know What To Do

Could you go to work everyday knowing that you didn’t lock your house doors? How would you focus at work knowing your home was completely vulnerable and at a potential risk? Most likely, you’re a sensible person – you take the right precautions to assure the security of your home while you’re away. Similarly, how do you expect to accomplish any work via the Internet if your information system isn’t guarded? Cyber security is a safeguard against theft or damage designed to prevent any malicious attacks aimed at your business’s infrastructure. Defending your system should be your top priority and taken very seriously. The importance of protecting your network is increasing, which means the demands for cybersecurity are accelerating. Is your company ready to handle it?

Cybersecurity Risks Go Up

A Cybersecurity: Implications for 2015 study stated that, of those surveyed “More than half of the global cybersecurity professionals…reported that fewer than 25% of cybersecurity applicants are qualified to perform the skills needed for the job”. Essentially, this means the majority of people running security tools are not qualified to do so. Consider this: “The U.S. creates 120,000 new jobs that require a degree in computer science each year. However, the U.S. educational system only produces 49,000 related degrees — creating an annual deficit of 71,000 degrees and a growing number of unfilled IT jobs.” This fundamentally proves the people who are trying to secure your computer systems aren’t qualified to do so.

IT Direct Qualified and Steadfast

Security means everything to your business, and it is our top priority. That’s why we make sure the IT solutions we provide help keep you secure and your data protected at all costs. This is the step of our strategic planning process where we bring your technology solutions to life. We implement everything you need in order to run your business effectively and stress-free. We won’t let you down. Connect with us today!