Coronavirus (Covid-19) – sharing best practices

It has definitely been a while since we have used the IT Direct blog to promote the ongoings at IT Direct.

But, if there were every a time to resurrect it, now is it!  We’re going to be sharing our best practices – what we know, what we’re learning, and how it’s working. We hope you’ll join us and share what’s working for you too.

Learn together. Succeed together!


Early last week, we convened an internal Covid-19 Task Force. This is a small group of leaders that is taking input from the teams under them, making the major decisions for our company, taking responsibility for making any necessary changes, and handling all internal and external communication. We meet every day at the end of the work day.

We created an agenda for each meeting that touches ALL major areas of our business that may be affected. Every business’s list will look different – this is our HIGH-LEVEL list:

1. Pre-Scheduled On-sites
2. Emergency On-sites (system or site down)
3. Scheduled client and internal meetings
4. Personal Computer & Network Support
5. ITD Physical Office
6. ITD Services
7. On-Call Support Resourcing
8. Ongoing Communication (internal)
9. Ongoing Communications (external)
10. Support Escalation / Prioritization Status & Changes Security Concerns

Continue to check back as we post more on our Covid-19 prep and planning.