Computer and Network Support – The IT Direct Way

Imagine the ability to operate your business without ever saying:

“Our network stability and speed isn’t what it should be.”
“We have security and/or compliance concerns.”
“Reliable computer and network support is cost prohibitive.”
“Our current outsourced provider is not meeting our needs.”

Is it possible? You bet. When executed properly, the best computer and network support from IT Direct will dramatically reduce or eliminate IT issues in your business while optimizing your network’s performance – all at a price that fits your company’s budget. It’s a PROACTIVE approach that prevents computer and network problems from escalating into unexpected data loss, downtime, and (worse yet) interruptions that lead to business and financial deficiencies.

More than keeping one’s business afloat, though, is allowing your IT infrastructure to work for you. IT Direct’s quality computer and network support actually delivers ROI and value by intelligently assessing your business’ goals, then following through on the plan that puts the technology and knowhow precisely where you need it. The result? Increased uptime, productivity, and efficiency.

High caliber planning, equipment and knowledge are key to successful computer and network support, but a concentrated attention to our clients’ satisfaction is equally important. It goes without saying that the professionals at IT Direct are available 24/7/365, but what else is important?

  1. A guaranteed one-hour response time to network and computer emergencies. We know that your computer network, e-mail, database, and Internet access are critical to your company’s basic functioning, and with 24-hour remote monitoring, your network and computer problems are identified and addressed immediately with minimal interference to your employees’ work time.
  2. A computer and network support provider that’s big enough to handle any computer job yet small enough to give the individual attention you deserve. Each of IT Direct’s clients has a dedicated senior technician, a team of back-up support technicians, and our owner’s involvement to ensure the highest level of service. Our team of professionals has years of experience in the IT industry, and we require all of our staff to participate in ongoing training in the latest technologies and solutions.
  3. The most cost-effective solution. As your outsourced IT staff, we answer your questions simply and help you understand all of the available options for network and computer support. IT Direct’s team knows to present the least expensive resolution while maintaining quality. Maintaining network security and preventing loss, corruption and theft is critical; but we never charge clients for expensive upgrades, hardware, and solutions that aren’t necessary.

Think all of this is too good to be true? Think again.

IT Direct’s Managed Services plans are designed with your specific situation in mind and include consulting on network design, deployment, hardware and software, and ongoing support. Our detailed recommendations include estimates to help with your prioritizing and budget forecasts, making our programs ideal for businesses who are ready to get back to business rather than spending time and energy on their IT.

Connect with us and let’s get started.