co-location services

Co-Location Means You’re Backed with a Custom Network Infrastructure

Loss of business data is enough to cripple a company completely. The safety of your vital information depends entirely on your network infrastructure. If you care about your data, and your ongoing business success, you need to have the best network infrastructure in place, ready with a solid backup and disaster recovery plan.

Co-location services keep your data safe with a custom network infrastructure designed to maintain continuity no matter what.

How a Custom Network Infrastructure Keeps Data Secure

Whether you choose to keep all of your data off-site through co-location, or use co-location solely for backup, the network infrastructure in place can be built specifically for your needs to ensure you have your data safely stored and retrievable when you need it.

When you use co-location for your network infrastructure, you are keeping your critical information off-site, so anything that threatens your workplace environment does not threaten your data. While you retain control over your hardware, software, and data, it is physically located elsewhere.

Having a custom-built, off-site network infrastructure may seem like it would be costly. But in fact, co-location is a wise investment. When you consider the potential damaging costs of data loss and the cost of building and maintaining a custom network infrastructure at your location, it makes sense to secure your data while keeping it regularly maintained and updated through co-location.

Managed Co-location Adds More Security

If you choose to have your network infrastructure managed by your co-location provider, you are putting even more security measures in place for your data. You can rely on your provider’s expert staff to monitor your data, move quickly into crisis mode in the event of a disaster, and make your information available for you to access if need be. There will always be someone in place, watching your network infrastructure and ensuring your data is where you need it to be.

Choosing managed co-location for your network infrastructure is the best of both worlds — you can have input on how your system is designed and set up, while having expert guidance and a committed, qualified team in place to maintain, update, and manage the infrastructure at all times. You’ll take the burden off of your staff and benefit from the type of constant monitoring that your company may not be able to provide for your data.

When you have a solid custom network infrastructure in place to secure and manage your valuable business data, you can focus on your core business objectives knowing that all of your information is safe and easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Do not let your company fall because of lax backup, storage, and recovery plans. Use co-location to create the best network infrastructure possible, and rest assured that your business info is in good hands.