Downtime got you down? Here are 5 steps to stay up and running!

IT downtime in your business can be caused by so many things – hardware failure, power surges, security breaches, storms, coffee spills, just to name a few. But no one cares WHY they’re down when they count on being up and running!

So, what’s the quickest way to get your business running again? At IT Direct, we use the axiom “proper preparation prevents poor performance,” in other words, plan ahead!

Yup, not the answer you were hoping for, I’m sure, but it’s the best way to ensure that downtime doesn’t ruin your day, your week, or even, possibly, your business.  Read more

Working Remotely in the Cloud

Working Remotely: Even You Can Do It

Working remotely using cloud-based technology is the perfect way to cut back on costs and save time.

If you think about how much overhead costs you pay to keep your employees physically present, you may quickly see the benefits of reducing your workplace footprint and enabling working remotely for more of your staff.

Between rent or mortgage payments for your offices, the costs of heating and electricity, and equipment costs, it all adds up. Keeping your employees working remotely from home or another location of their choice cuts down on costs in a big way. This could free up money for things that will help your business grow.

In this technological era, many of your employees have their own devices and would happily use them to access their work. They would also benefit from the freedom and cost savings of working remotely.

Cloud services allow for working remotely via bring your own device (BYOD). Your staff can jump into work using their smartphones and other devices without posing any kind of security or data risk.

Even if you are supplying the hardware, working remotely on the cloud still saves money for everyone involved. There are many ways to implement cloud based technology to reduce your physical footprint, whether it’s BYOD or another arrangement. With the right cloud provider, you’ll have your office running remotely in no time.

How Working Remotely on the Cloud Benefits Businesses

Working remotely often leads to happier employees and improved morale overall. People like the freedom of working from home. That in itself can inspire people to work harder while they’re on the job.

You will save your staff transportation costs, and reduce or remove any commute time. This is sure to encourage loyalty and satisfaction.

Working remotely lets you expand your workforce across geographic boundaries without worry. If the right person for a position happens to live far from your business, that is no longer a problem. Instead of trying to persuade them to move, paying relocation costs, or reluctantly letting go of a great match, you can have them work remotely using cloud technology. Wherever your employees may be, whether they are travelling the world or living in a distant location, they’ll all be connected on the cloud.

Cloud based technology is great for encouraging collaboration in real time. This means that people working remotely still have the feeling of connectivity with their colleagues. You might discover that some people may be more motivated to share their ideas from the comfort of their home!

On the technical side of things, keeping your company on the cloud may be a better choice than any kind of traditional backup arrangement. By using cloud based technology, you’re ensuring that your vital business data lives off-site, is regularly synced and backed up, and is available in the event that someone needs to restore information to a device or system following a failure.

At IT DIrect, we deliver cloud services to help businesses reduce costs, improve performance and, with the right security measures, keep your business data safe and accessible, no matter where you or your employees are. Give us a call to learn if you’re ready to move to the cloud.

The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you run a small business, you probably worry about your ability to compete with your larger rivals. You might not think that you have access to the same technological resources as big corporations. However, if you take advantage of cloud computing, you can level the playing field. Cloud computing is a revolutionary new concept that gives you access to cutting-edge technical systems at a fraction of their normal cost.

Cloud computing takes advantage of your high-speed Internet connection to outsource your computing resources, allowing you to use powerful computer services without the expense and hassle of buying and installing the latest workstations and servers. Here are five of the best reasons to use cloud computing.

Data Safety & Security

Cloud computing offers unparalleled backup performance. In addition to archiving your old data, cloud-based backup solutions can provide you with real-time backup. With these systems working for your business, you won’t ever lose a document in the event of a sudden catastrophe, such as a power outage or building fire. Your data will be protected from intruders as well; you won’t have a vulnerable on-site server for intruders to attack.

Remote Accessibility

Cloud-based software tools and data can be accessed from any computer with a reliable Internet connection. If you often send your employees out on assignment, they’ll still be able to access your business’ data and services while out on the road.

You can also take advantage of this feature to set up telecommuting opportunities for interested employees. If you ever have to relocate your office because of a localized disaster, such as a building fire, flood or major storm, you’ll still have access to all of your cloud-enabled services and data at your temporary location.

Lower Costs

Technology is a never-ending investment; the month after you buy a new server, something better and faster will be released. Keeping up to date with the latest software and hardware can quickly drain your company’s resources.

However, cloud computing spreads this cost amongst many businesses; your monthly fee will stay the same, but your provider will continually upgrade its software and hardware for you. Instead of making large capital investments for updated servers and workstations, you can save your hard-earned money for other expenses.

Ease of Deployment

Cloud solutions allow you to open a new location quickly and easily. Because cloud solutions are stored and implemented remotely, all you need to open a fully functional new office is an Internet connection. You won’t have to waste time installing software, transferring data and configuring devices.

Additionally, cloud computing makes upgrading your existing services simple and easy. You won’t have to send your IT department to upgrade each individual workstation; instead, upgrades are applied to the centralized cloud servers, granting every single workstation access to the newly upgraded services.

Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud computing allows you to adapt your computing resources to your business’ needs. Most providers offer a wide variety of plans tailored to fit the needs of almost any business. You won’t have to install hardware and software that you don’t need simply to get access to the services that you do need.

However, if your business needs change suddenly, cloud computing makes it easy to upgrade your services. A simple phone call is enough to increase your service level, granting you access to greater storage space and more powerful services. If your needs change again and you find that you no longer need your more powerful plan, you can drop your excess coverage for a leaner plan.

Cloud computing allows your business to use cutting-edge data tools without expensive overhead. Our cloud computing services give your business flexibility, security and worry-free technological solutions at a fraction of the cost you might expect to pay. Contact us today to find out whether our cloud solutions are right for you.