4 Tips for Remote On-boarding

We just finished week 2 of on-boarding our first remote teammate, so I want to share what we learned through the process. Thankfully, our new teammate has had a great attitude along this journey and transferable skills he has been able to apply. Through this time, we have discovered a brand new process that we now know can be successful.

Here are tips to follow for remote on-boarding – whether we like it or not, this may be our new norm for a while. Read more

Watch Out for Heightened Cybersecurity Risks with Covid-19

Phishing and other cybersecurity attacks are rising quickly – taking advantage of the scared and distracted (and who wouldn’t be a bit distracted right now!) We are seeing a noticeable uptick as bad-actors are trying to take advantage of the current fast moving environment. Take a moment to review this post with three important tips to stay safe.

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Onboarding a new teammate REMOTELY!

We are all being forced to be creative and think outside the box to keep up with the rapid changes going on with the Covid-19 pandemic. This means completely altering some workflows, that are usually in-person, to function well remotely.

We were determined not to let the virus delay Herbie Holley, our newest teammate, from starting at IT Direct as planned on Monday. So, we had to come up with a remote on-boarding plan quickly in order to keep Herbie safe and healthy. Minus a few bumps in the road, Herbie’s plan has been a success! With our already successful on-boarding process in place and some conscious tweaking, we were able to come up with an effective plan that we are happy to share. Your company may be in the same boat soon: Read more

Covid-19 Best Practices – Internal Policies

Our internal Covid-19 Task Force has been working on our internal policies since early last week. For us, they cover some policies regarding going on site to clients, but mostly they cover our own internal/office policies.

Our latest, complete policies document is included below for you to use.

If you haven’t started with your policy document yet, this may be a good place to start. If you have, check through ours to see if you’re missing anything we’ve got.

If you’ve got something you think we’re missing (that would apply to most other companies), please let us know!! Read more

Coronavirus (Covid-19) – sharing best practices

It has definitely been a while since we have used the IT Direct blog to promote the ongoings at IT Direct.

But, if there were every a time to resurrect it, now is it!  We’re going to be sharing our best practices – what we know, what we’re learning, and how it’s working. We hope you’ll join us and share what’s working for you too.

Learn together. Succeed together! Read more

IT Direct is a 2019 MSP 501 winner!

We are so proud to be considered, again, one of the top 501 Managed Service Providers worldwide by Channel Futures! This year, we earned the #194 spot. Read more

Why your company needs Core Values and how they drive business value

As a founder, CEO, or leader of a company, it is so important to discover the Core Values you want to your organization to aspire to. It can drive tremendous value to the business and help everyone – leaders, teammates, clients/customers, prospects and potential new hires – all be on the same page. Each knows exactly what is important to your company and what you stand for. After you discover the Core Values, write them down, share them, and find ways to make them an everyday part of your company culture.

Take a few minutes to watch our President and CEO, Ari Santiago, in the video playlist below as he discusses developing our company’s Core Values and talks about a few of them, specifically, and what they mean to us.

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What’s the story? How our manufacturing clients use technology – Part 2

Last month, I got to tour another one of our manufacturing client’s facilities, Jaypro Sports, in Waterford, CT. They are a leading authority for institutional sport equipment and athletic field/facility solutions. This was a great opportunity to see what they do and how they do it!

At IT Direct, we believe that the overarching purpose of using technology is to solve a business problem or to improve efficiency or productivity. In this way, technology can help the business achieve their goals. During my tour, I got to see several areas where technology had really come together to help Jaypro Sports achieve those goals! Read more

How we do it

I’ve spent some time lately looking at our company with an objective eye. That’s not always easy to do. Most of the time, you’re just busy getting through your task list, brainstorming new ideas, or putting out fires. But, after I spent some time recently getting out to our clients to see how they do things, it has forced me to come back an observe how we do things. You know what. We do things pretty darn well! Read more

What’s the story? How our manufacturing clients use technology – Part 1

I’ve been heading out “into the field” lately to talk to some of our manufacturing clients about what they feel are their most important uses of technology. Read more