August Tech Tips – Manage Your Desktop & Drag Your Favorite Page Into Your Bookmarks Bar

Here’s some quick Tech Tips for the month of August to help you be more productive. As always, reach out anytime! We are here to help.

Manage Your Desktop

Your desktop was created to give you quick access to programs and folders. It really should not be used to store your work or downloads. If your hard drive fails, you’ll want to have your files organized by having the photos in the Photos folder, the documents in the Documents folder, etc. This makes it easier for retrieval in case of a catastrophe.

Drag Your Favorite Page Into Your Bookmarks Bar

Drag your favorite page to your Internet browser favorites or bookmarks bar by clicking your mouse button on the icon (for example: if you are in Google, it would be the Google “g” icon at the beginning of the address) in the address bar and dragging it to your favorites or bookmarks bar and letting go. Once complete the page will be bookmarked on the bar. If you wish to move the icon, click-and-drag the icon anywhere on the toolbar.