Follow the futuristic interior space station toward your business growth.

5 Business Growth Secrets from Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine, the supreme ruler of the most powerful, tyrannical regime the galaxy has ever witnessed might seem a little brash, but he is nothing short of ambitious. Although Emperor Palpatine might lack in charisma, he is able to balance out his skills with candor. Palpatine’s directness led to his widespread appeal throughout the senate and granted him the ability to abolish the Imperial Senate. Emperor Palpatine has five business secrets that could help your business experience greater growth and success.


The power of the force is with you, if you choose the light or the dark side, give you whole heart to your business. In the words of Sheev Palpatine, “The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.” Passion will keep you motivated as you go down the path of success and overall help you trust that you’re pursuing the right course of action.


One cannot conquer the force without practice. The sith’s hunger for conquest and control is learned through the teaching of legendary masters who have shaped the struggle between light and dark.


Trust those you choose to become partners with. Allow them to help you build a plan of action that encompasses wise time management, money, and resource management. Business partners are meant to solidify customer and employee loyalty through recognition, appreciation, and can work together towards achieving long term business growth.


Not everyone is trying to become a mastermind of an evil empire, but Palpatine clearly understands what it takes to achieve success. Visualize the end goals you wish to achieve as your business continues to make headway.


Be ambitious. Although Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine) used his position to manipulate galactic events to his own manipulative design, don’t use your role for evil. Take his execution and transform it in a positive light. You can become more competitive by studying the ongoing transitions that are happening within your market.
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