Illustration of actor Marlon Brando in retro style preparing to give IT support tips.

3 IT Support Tips Learned from The Godfather

Make your IT department an offer they can’t refuse – advice from The Godfather. IT support, also known as technical support, can take on multiple forms of service: on-site visits, remote help, email, online chat and remote desktop control. There are several different ways your IT support provider can transform the way you conduct business. And although it seems unlikely, the movie The Godfather shares some eye opening life lessons that could change the way you think about your technology.

“He is a man of substance, tradition, dignity, refinement, a man of unerring instinct who just happened to live in a violent world and who had to protect himself and his family in this environment.”

Rule 1: Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

As an accredited business owner, your word and your actions are the most important thing you will have to offer. Don’t take your responsibilities lightly. Every organization you work with depends heavily on your capability to follow through with the promises you make. This means that your IT support department needs to remain reliable and communicate clearly in order to build business rapport.

Rule 2: Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer

Technology malfunctions are bound to happen no matter what. A capable IT support provider should understand that you need to be prepared ahead of time in order to grow more successful. Spot problems early on so you aren’t reacting to them down the line and losing productivity. Never make a move or judgement without careful planning ahead of time. If you are aware of the potential threats in your IT systems, then you’ll be able to anticipate them and plan accordingly.  

Rule 3: Build a Powerful Community

Make sure that you collaborating with your IT provider. By helping them succeed, you will have a well oiled business. Keeping your priorities straight results in a job well done. Make sure your IT support provider stays up to date with the latest technology in order for you to get the best solutions.

In the words of Don Vito Corleone: “I hoped we could come here and reason together. And, as a reasonable man, I’m willing to do whatever’s necessary to find a peaceful solution to these problems.”