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3 Reasons to Switch to Managed IT Services

The number of organizations transitioning from break-fix to managed IT services is increasing and projected to steadily grow as more companies discover its benefits. 2016 is the year of managed IT services, and if you haven’t made the switch just yet, it may be time to do just that. A managed IT services provider focuses on the delivery of proactive services for your business’s applications and systems across your company’s network. The top 3 reasons to switch to managed IT are as follows:

Constant Monitoring

For a flat-rate, monthly fee, you gain constant administrative, maintenance, and monitoring services from a team of knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals. These technology whizzes have your back 24/7 – no matter the time or place.

Cost Efficient

With managed IT services, you can eliminate the stress and complexity of dealing with technology on your own. You can also say goodbye to those costly hourly bills that come with a break-fix shop. A managed service provider (MSP) takes a proactive approach to IT to ensure the safety of your company’s network and technology at all times. This model will help you keep downtime at a minimum and your systems running consistently – resulting in a more cost effective way for you to maintain peak efficiency.  

Improve Productivity

MSPs invest a lot of time into monitoring and protecting the software and hardware that makes your business productive. If your computer systems are constantly going down, imagine the negative impact that will take a toll on your business. Constant downtime reverses any progression you have made with your clients and customers. As you begin to take advantage of the benefits of managed IT services, employee productivity will soar and your business will grow more advanced than ever before.

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